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新山口駅北口駅前広場 0番線Shin-Yamaguchi Sta. North Square Platform Zero

サイン計画 / 2018

Sign Design / 2018


This station square, called by nickname Zero-bansen (Platform ZERO), is very unique space with Tourist information center, Police station, café, gallery, and traffic facilities such as Bus terminal, Taxi stand.
We installed light and easily understandable guidance for daily users and tourists from JR exit to this station square. For pleasantly use of this place and user-friendliness, symbolic large signage and bold graphics on the wall are installed. And also, works of famous poets, TANEDA Santoka and NAKAHARA Chuya or so, related to Yamaguchi prefecture are put at various places to deliver local uniqueness and culture to people.

lo : 山口県山口市
ar : プランツアソシエイツ
cl : 山口市

lo : Yamaguchi, Japan
ar : Plants Associates
cl : Yamaguchi City