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仁保地域交流センターCommunity Center Niho

サイン計画 / 2010

Sign Design / 2010


This is for Visual Identity design of Niho Community Center at the suburb area of Yamaguchi city. This area is a rural area and so many creatures live in a rich natural environment. There is a biotope pond in front of the building and children would be able to commune with small plants and animals. Other animals such as goat, rabbit and peacock bred at the facility next to this center are also very popular. We focused these animals and use their silhouette as design elements. People can enjoy finding those blue shaped animals which can be seen on and off at various place in the building.

lo : 山口県山口市
ar : プランツアソシエイツ
cl : 山口市

lo : Yamaguchi, Japan
ar : Plants Associates
cl : Yamaguchi City