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道の駅 よしおか温泉Roadside Station Yosioka-Onsen

色彩・サイン計画 / 2010

Color & Sign Design / 2010


Roadside Station is a rest place for drivers. There are 600 similar facilities in Japan and each has own original local character typifies by direct sales shop of local vegetables.
This Roadside Station was constructed at Yosioka town of Gunma Prefecture where is north side approximately 100 km from Tokyo in 2009, also contains a hot-spring facility. In this area, periodic wind blow down from the neighboring mountains is very strong.
We use these local characters, wind and mountains, as motif of sign planning, and made tetrahedron-shape indication modeled mountains and windmill for giving the original character to this facilities.

lo : 群馬県吉岡町
ar : プランツアソシエイツ
cl : 吉岡町

lo : Gunma, Japan
ar : Plants Associates
cl : Yoshioka Town