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心臓血管研究所付属病院Cardiovascular Institute Hospital

サイン計画 / 2011

Sign Design / 2011


White sign in white space – the first step for this project was the examination for what we could realize with such a simple combination. We focused on the material and texture with white color, and used three-dimensional shape MDF board by cutting and its shade emerged by contrast with white color as design point of the body. Then, we distributed required information reasonably on the square shape divided by deep curving.
Usually way finding sign play communicating information only, but we tried to give an attraction that patients and their family could not help touching to the body with a familiar shape for this hospital sign.
We hope that this sign system could become one of elements which bring patients and hospital closer together, although people feel a dreary and cool atmosphere to the most of medical facilities.

lo : 東京都港区
ar : 竹中工務店
cl : 公益財団法人 心臓血管研究所

lo : Tokyo, Japan
ar : Takenaka Corporation
cl: The Cardiovascular Institute