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小金井市民交流センターKoganei Civic Center

サイン計画 / 2011

Sign Design / 2011


Koganei city is located in west suburb of Tokyo and also in a rich natural environment such as lush greenery and water including Koganei park, Musashino park and Nogawa Park. The slope reflecting the own geographical features and spring water are major character of this area.
The shape of this town, parks and rivers which show the above mentioned character of Koganei city are reflected on the several inner walls and we designed these graphics as the building identity with way finding system.

lo : 東京都小金井市
ar : ヘルム・アクト環境計画設計共同体
cl : 小金井市

lo : Tokyo, Japan
ar : Helm Architect + Act Planning
cl : Koganei City