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利根沼田テクノアカデミーTone Numata Techno Academy

サイン計画 / 2016

Sign Design / 2016


This “Tone Numata Techno Academy” is established in 2016 for training of next-generation construction workers by utilizing renovated elementary school in depopulated area. This is the first attempt in Japan to develop human resources to make up for labor shortage in construction industry and also expected to vitalize the local community with supporting this activity.
Our point is to realize the new face on the old school building abandoned more than 10 years without increasing cost and, at the same time, to enhance workers’ motivations for training. The silhouetted of “30 workers”, we used as our main design source, is the figures of 30 students who spend together under the same roof for half year. This silhouetted is not only the graphic pattern but also large-size name plate, which each person can write his own name in the blank space, at the corridor/bedroom.

lo : 群馬県沼田市
cl : 利根沼田テクノアカデミー

lo : Gunma, Japan
cl : Tone Numata Techno Academy