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スタンレー電気本社ビルStanley Electric Global Head Office

サイン計画 / 2013

Sign Design / 2013


These are Sign design for a new head office of Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. The building is designed like steps and totally covered with the inclined large roof. We used this symbolic silhouette of building and laminated floor lines as our design motif. Sign body was made of plywood and painted white with the texture of wood left. These choices are intended to harmonize with warmhearted interior design with white as the base color using natural stone and wooden materials.

lo : 東京都目黒区
ar : プランテック総合計画事務所 + 竹中工務店
cl : スタンレー電気株式会社

lo : Tokyo, Japan
ar : Plantec Architects Inc. + Takenaka Corporation
cl : Stanley Electric Co.,Ltd.