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NTTドコモ大阪南港ビルDocomo Osaka Nanko Building

色彩・サイン計画 / 2004

Color & Sign Design / 2004


The Osaka Nanko Building of the mobile phone company NTT Docomo is a leading-edge communication building having one of the largest towers in West Japan. In contrast to the spread of the radio waves of telecommunication, this building has a perfect security system with its floor plan having a massive core part and long aisles of over 100 m. The signs for the space recognition in this kind of closed environment express the function of each area using colors, and use addresses symbolizing floors, directions and zones to be easily recognized in a visual way.

lo : 大阪府大阪市住之江区
ar : 株式会社NTTファシリティーズ
cl : 株式会社 NTTドコモ

lo : Osaka, Japan
ar : NTT Facilities, Inc.
cl : NTT Docomo, Inc.