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東京国際フォーラムTokyo International Forum

サイン計画 / 1996

Sign Design / 1996


Sign planning for the “Tokyo International Forum”, a facility for cultural exchange in Tokyo. It took about four years from the basic design until the completion of the signs. The designer is Rafael Viñoly (USA). Characteristic is the use of black as a base, which had hardly been used in public facilities before, and that the graphics were uniquely devised in that they are floor plans turned into diagrams. The signs themselves are also of high grade quality. Their expressions presently serve as prototypes for many facilities in Japan.

lo : 東京都千代田区
ar : ラファエル・ヴィニオリ建築事務所
ph : Kenji Kobayashi

lo : Tokyo, Japan
ar : Rafael Viñoly Architects K.K.
ph : Kenji Kobayashi