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“Switch” アルプスアルパイン 仙台開発センター(古川)“Switch” ALPS ALPINE Sendai R&D Center (Furukawa)

サイン計画 / 2023

Sign Design / 2023


This is a sign project for the laboratory of Alps Alpine, a major manufacturer of electronic components. At the new laboratory, which has the concept of being a knowledge platform, the design theme was one of company’s products, switching part. Especially, the global map, which shows their business bases in the world, is made up of approximately 24,000 switches that have only 6.2mm square size.
This manufacturer’s switches are used in home appliances, automobiles, smartphones, etc. The company controls the world’s top market shares in this type switches, so this switch is the embodiment of their engineering. It is an extremely small electronic component, but it transforms into an unexpected appearance when it is aggregated. This object makes an appeal their products to visitors and also makes employees proud of own products.


lo:Osaki, Miyagi
ar:Takenaka Corporation