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アステラス製薬つくば研究所Astellas Pharma Laboratory

サイン計画 / 2008

Sign Design / 2008


Sign planning for a newly constructed main building of a major manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Tsukuba Science City. We got deign image from the keywords “pharmaceutical” and “laboratory”,then used a labellike expression for sign and put those image into the glass curves. This building plays the role of gate to existing laboratory building and also has various functions such as entrance lobby, conference rooms and hall, work space, private room, and welfare facilities like library, fitness space and restaurant. Since this building is connected to the closed laboratory building for new medicine developments and experiments, we put only symbolic address without exact room names. Address display using chemical elements on columns give an air of pharmaceutical company’s atmosphere.

lo :茨城県つくば市
ar : 竹中工務店
cl : アステラス製薬株式会社

lo : Ibaraki, Japan
ar : Takenaka Corporation
cl : Astellas Pharma Inc.