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サイン計画 / 2007

Sign Design / 2007


“Qiball” is a complex redevelopment building for the private and the government sector in Chiba city. The name was given in view of the ball-shaped planetarium in the atrium, and the meaning of “kibo”, which is Japanese for “hope”.
The building houses four government service facilities for health and welfare, child-raising and exchange of school-aged children, industrial support and science education. The signs clearly distinguish these facilities and show users the unique configuration of this building, where each facility can only be reached by a special elevator, with color-divided, large and easily comprehensible arrows and guidance blocks on the floors. Considering the signs and the space as one integrated design, we planned so that anyone can smoothly arrive at the desired destination.

lo : 千葉県千葉市
ar : 日建設計
cl : 千葉市

lo : Chiba, Japan
cl : Chiba City