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台湾客家文化センターTaiwan Hakka Cultural Center

サイン計画 / 2013

Sign Design / 2013

客家民族は17世紀に中国大陸から渡来し、本施設が建設された台湾北中部「苗栗」周辺に多く居住した。 建築は、大屋根の下に展示館と研究施設の二つのパートに分かれており、一般市民が常時見学できる展示館は、常設展示と4つの企画展示室、劇場、研修室等で構成されている。

Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center is established as a specialist institution to promote the long-term conservation and development of Hakka culture, including the collection, exhibition, research and education of Hakka culture. The Hakka population in Taiwan numbers around 4 million people. They came from mainland China in 17th century and they reside in the northern Taiwan such as Miaoli. This center is divided into two, the exhibition part and the research part, and the former one which is open to the public consists of permanent exhibition room, four special exhibition rooms, theater and lecture rooms. We designed signage planning with the image of flying kite among the leaned columns in the large atrium.

lo : 台湾苗栗県
ar : 竹中工務店 + 劉培森建築師事務所
cl : 台湾行政院客家委員会

lo : Miaoli, Taiwan
ar : Takenaka Corporation, Ricky Liu & Associates Architects+Planners
cl : Council for Hakka Affairs