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アステラス製薬つくば研究所Astellas Pharma Laboratory

サイン計画 / 2008

Sign Design / 2008


Sign planning for a pharmaceutical company research facility located in Tsukuba Science City. “Labels” serve as the design motif for the signs. This idea sprang from labels on medical bottles and from the architectural characteristics of the facility, which features a large number of curved glass surfaces.
Outside visitors are not admitted to this facility, as it adjoins a closed laboratory complex where new medicines are developed and experiments performed. The sign lettering reflects the level of secrecy, with rooms indicated with symbolic “addresses” rather than names spelled out, even in locations only viewable by company employees.

lo :茨城県つくば市
ar : 竹中工務店
cl : アステラス製薬株式会社

lo : Ibaraki, Japan
ar : Takenaka Corporation
cl : Astellas Pharma Inc.